The city of Scaligeri. Verona

Ponte Scaligero, part of the old defense system of Castelvecchio, a medieval castle

Inside San Zeno Maggiore. One of the oldest and most elegant churches in Italy. It has a magnificent ceiling, called Nave ceiling because it resembles the inside of an upturned boat. Very difficult to imprint it in a photograph.
Giardino Giusti. A fine example of Renaissance gardens. We couldn’t believe that it was hidden behind a simple building :-)
The view from the Ponte Nuovo

The column that support the Venetian lion. Behind is the Baroque Palazzo Maffei. In Piazza Erbe which has been used as a market place for 2000 years.

And of course, Juliet’s balcony, probably the most popular place in Verona after the Arena

The Arena. Stands, still intact, since AD30. It has seen a lot of gladiatorial combats, but tonight is ready to host The Killers and a crowd of young funs.

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