Ministers in Maldives are taking scuba-diving lessons in order to convene under water

The planned underwater cabinet meeting will take place on 17th October. The purpose, is to highlight – ahead of December’s UN climate conference in Copenhagen – the threat rising sea levels caused by global warming pose to this low-lying island state.

The Cabinet, chaired by President Mohamed Nasheed, already a certified diver, will communicate using whiteboards and hand signals.

The Maldivian archipelago, located south west of Sri Lanka, Maldives is consisted of a cluster of 1,200 island and coral atolls which is likely to disappear under the waves if the current pace of climate change continues to raise sea levels.

Most parts of the Maldives are just 1.5m above water. If, according to projections the seal-level rise of roughly 60 centimeters to one metre by 2100, Maldives would be virtually uninhabitable.

Source: AFP via Yahoo news

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