Climate Change Performance Index 2010 – Overall Results

The fifth annual Climate Change Performance Index (CCPI) – a worldwide national ranking of climate performance – was published yesterday (14/12/2009) by Germanwatch and Climate Action Network (CAN) Europe. The report ranks countries based on which ones show the strongest climate protection performance relative to one another, comparing 57 industrialised countries and emerging economies.

As the year before none of the countries ranked in the index have achieved the positions one to three. Brazil is the biggest mover in the fourth position, knocking the usually strongest player Sweden farther down the scale. The overall results (table below) clearly show which countries have the longest way to go in order to catch up.  It is also illustrated that more emerging economies are among the forerunners than in previous years. Nevertheless, these efforts are insufficient to prevent dangerous climate change.

Click to Enlarge Image Credit: CCPI 2010

Sources and further information:  German Watch

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