The Eden Project of the South

It is the Ecorium Project of  the National Ecological Institute (NEI), in Seocheon, South Korea. Behind this ambitious project/ecosystem which will be extended across 33,090 sq.m of floor area and will cost about €80 million is the Samoo Architecture, an innovative, dynamic and creative global design firm established in 2006.

The Ecorium Project. Image Credit:

As in Cornwall’s Eden Project the Ecorium Project is comprised a series of interlinking domes, although in this case the domes are wedge-shaped greenhouses that when seen from above appear as a tributary river. High technology tracks the sun and adapts the internal environment appropriately to create a global eco-environment across the spaces. No shade is used, only shade simulation by arrangement. The exterior is finished in metal panel, low iron low-e double glazing, wood and plexiglas. The plans for the Ecorium Project are the creation of a large wild plant and wetlands reserve, and a visitor’s centre.

The Ecorium Project. Image Credit:

“The National Ecological Institute, South Korea is intended to do comprehensive study of the converging eco-systems of nature, human and climate to ensure safety, stability and the harmonious coexistence of competing agendas,” said a spokesperson for Samoo. “The NEI will play an important role as a think tank for research and policy making. Additionally, this institution will foster and nurture the general public’s awareness, educate and the importance of the environment through exhibitions and education programs.”

The Ecorium Project. Image Credit:

Sources and further reading: Samoo Architecture,

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