The Economics of Ocean Acidification – a scoping study

study which was published recently, examines the economic effects of ocean acidification on marine ecosystem services. It focuses on the broad economic issues connected to ocean acidification, the frameworks within which to study the issue, the relevant ecosystem services, the impacts of ocean acidification upon these services, and the methods with which to access the costs or revenues connected to these impacts.

The main aims of this scoping study are therefore as follows:

  1. Identify goods and services that may be expected to be affected by ocean acidification.
  2. Identify the methods to assess the values connected to ocean acidification impacts, as well as optimal management in the face of ocean acidification.
  3. Illustrate possible damage costs of ocean acidification in Norwegian waters, focussing on provisioning and regulating services.
  4. Present knowledge gaps

It is worth noting that the presentation in this study regarding the potential effects of ocean acidification in Norwegian waters are highly preliminary, focusing on a limited number of species and services, and constrained by the knowledge available so far.

The results show that ocean acidification may have negative as well as positive effects upon provisioning services of fisheries and aquaculture with annual net effects being in the order of several million NOK. However, for the regulating service of carbon storage the estimated negative impacts are several orders of magnitude higher than for fisheries and aquaculture. Finally, knowledge gaps with regards to estimating the economic loss due to ocean acidification are identified.

Armstrong C. W., Holen S., Navrud S. & Seifert I., 2012. The economics of ocean acidification – a scoping study, 57 p. www.Framsenteret.noReport.

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