Ocean Acidification – Cause for Alarm and Action

In response to the international scientific community’s call for more coordinated research and action, the IAEA has created the Ocean Acidification International Coordination Centre, which will be launched this summer.
The Centre is based at the Environment Laboratories of the IAEA in Monaco, and is supported by several IAEA Member States. It will be established under the IAEA Peaceful Uses Initiative project.

The Ocean Acidification International Coordination Centre will serve the scientific community, policymakers, schools, media, and the general public.

The IAEA is one of the organisations hoping to bring ocean acidification research to the level where the big picture will become clearer to scientists, politicians and global populations.

The IAEA, through its Environment Laboratories in Monaco, is using radiotracers to track the effects of acidification on ocean chemistry and marine life. Marine radioisotopes provide a powerful tool both to help diagnose problems in ocean models and to help orient future model development. To support international efforts to mitigate ocean acidification, the IAEA partnered with IOC-UNESCO and others to draft the 2008 Monaco Declaration, which calls for substantial reductions in CO2 emissions to avoid widespread damage to marine ecosystems caused by ocean acidification. The IAEA is an active member of UN Oceans.

Source and futher information  on www.iaea.org

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